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Driveway Materials


Face it. Driveways play a crucial role in the curb appeal of a home. Likewise, choosing the right driveway materials can play a crucial role in your pockets and in your peace of mind. It can also beautify and highlight the architecture of a home, easily renewing the overall aspect of a home.

Replacing driveways or even doing some driveway resurfacing on an old, worn out driveway can change the way a home is perceived. But why stop there? Asphalt driveway repairs can now be further enhanced through the StreetPrint decorative asphalt process offered by Driveway Impressions. A simple asphalt driveway repair project with Driveway Impressions can now produce a masterpiece that replicates the look of brick, stone, or slate at only a fraction of the cost of hand laying these expensive paving materials.

Another common material for driveways is concrete. Because concrete is not as flexible as asphalt, it is very common to find cracks due to settling or movements in the underlying structures. The repair of concrete driveways, particularly colored concrete driveways, is very difficult to accomplish seamlessly. More than often, repaired areas are left with a very distinct color tone from the surrounding areas. In addition to this complication, the adequate preparation of the underlying base of the repaired area can also be very difficult. Oftentimes this calls for an overall repair area that is considerably larger than just the cracked area on the surface. In simpler terms, the seamless repair of concrete driveways often means overall replacing of the concrete driveways.

Driveways made of brick or stone are also fairly complicated to repair. Even though the initial looks of brick and stone can be quite beautiful, freeze thaw cycles will cause bricks and stone to buckle and budge creating an unsightly trip hazard on your own driveway. Repairing this kind of damage can involve extensive manual labor. Another thing to consider with this type of driveway material is that it may be damaged by deicing agents and salts, depending on the components from which the bricks are made of.

Asphalt as a driveway material can be very practical and have lower costs than the alternatives described above. Maintenance and asphalt driveway repairs for utility cables or pipes under the driveway are also easier and less costly to do when compared to other driveway materials. Unfortunately, up until the StreetPrint process was introduced, asphalt driveways where not very aesthetically appealing. The occasional asphalt driveway resurfacing seemed to be the only available option for improving the look of this type of driveway.

Driveway Impressions has come to change that with the StreetPrint process. Now home owners can enjoy all the practical advantages of an asphalt driveway without being limited in the looks of this type of driveways. Driveway Impressions can replicate the look of brick or stone in your existing asphalt driveway at fraction of the cost of bricks or stones. And that is not all, the StreetPrint process used by Driveway Impressions fortifies and extends the life of your asphalt driveway, reducing the need for those regular driveway resurfacing projects. Hundreds of homeowners across the country have replaced their driveways with a Driveway Impressions decorative asphalt driveways. Why go through the pains involved in the repair of concrete or brick driveways, when you can have great looks without sacrificing the practicality of asphalt?

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